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There are various policies that we offer under commercial insurance. The various policies are listed below:

  • Office contents
  • Farmers Package
    The Farmers Policy covers: Fire, Lightning, explosion, Rain Storm, tempest, Floods, snow,Theft
    Good in Transit, Impact by aircraft, falling trees, vehicles, railway rolling stock animals,
    Public liability,Tenants liability
  • Assets all risks
    This is a combined policy that is designed to cover business with high value insurable assets.
  • Theft
    This section covers losses as the direct result of a break-in or hold-up excluding shop-lifting
  • Money
    Because of the high incidence of robberies involving money, it is essential to have this form of insurance. It covers the loss of money on the premises and or in transit. 
  • Business Interruption
    This section is also known as Consequential Loss or Loss of Profits. The purpose of this form of insurance is to indemnify the insured for the loss of turnover and continuing costs as a result of an interruption to the business following damage by an insured peril. 
  • Accounts receivable
    This class of business is also a type of consequential loss insurance. This covers the loss of income caused by the accounts being destroyed by an insured peril and the company then being unable to trace its debtors.
  • Goods in transit
    The Goods in Transit policies can either be for loss or damage to goods following fire, collision or overturning of the carrying vehicle or for all risks. The all risks cover applies whilst the goods are being loaded onto and off the vehicle and during temporary storage during the journey. The goods can be insured either by the owner or by the carrier, and cover can apply to road, rail and postal carryings.
  • Glass
    Under this policy one can insure plate glass of any type against accidental damage and breakage. This can apply to windows, shelves and glass in office furniture. It also covers damage to the frames and lettering on windows if they are damaged at the same time as the glass.
  • Fidelity guarantee
    This form of insurance is to protect the insured against losses of money and goods caused by the dishonesty of any of his employees. This applies to contract employees as well as all other employees.
  • Public liability
  • Products liability
    This form of cover is intended for any company involved in providing goods as a manufacturer as they would need cover for products liability. It gives cover for legal liabilities of an insured for death of or injury to a customer caused by a faulty product and also for any damage to their property, for example, foodstuffs with wrong ingredients can cause sickness or death; hair chemicals with wrong ingredients can cause damage etc.
  • Defective workmanship
    This form of cover is needed for businesses where physical work rather than products are involved, such as a vehicle or machinery repairer. For example, if a component is put back wrongly into a vehicle or piece of machinery and an accident results, then the policy would cover for the damage caused.
  • Employers Liability
    When an award is made by the National Social Security Authority to an employee it does not take into account negligent behaviour by any party. If they find that an employer was in any way negligent then they will impose a fine. The amounts of fines are set out in the appropriate act. 
  • Residual liability
  • Professional indemnity
  • Group personal accident
  • This policy is taken by companies to cover its employees against sudden and unforeseen accidents causing death or disablement plus medical expenses